an artist's musings on the concept of soul ascension

as the day of rapture came and went this last month. i started to think about the soul. it's lost place in art and in the world. so let's make some art about it. and some musings.
The Rapture is about getting God's people ready for a soul what am I doing to prepare for rapture?
Rapture is this ecstatic moment. i think of all good christians not looking for ecstasy in life but preparing for this one great historic moment to be flown to heaven?
What would it be like to find The Rapture everyday? What would it be like to prepare for something wonderous. So the crazy christian guy now says October 21, 2011 (the day he predicted the world to ACTUALLY the day of rapture).
So I thought I ould get my soul and myself ready or in poor grammtical form, more ready. I would start making more art to get out anything good before I go to heaven or hell. and to think about the soul and where is it now adays...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rapture Sketches

I just wrote the most amazing post and it disappeared. It was autosaved. it was there and then it disappeared. So here I go again. one more time.

Here are some sketches I did about The Rapture this last week. I was going to make a scorecard of what I had done this week that was good spiritually. A way to see if I was getting closer to getting into heaven when the Rapture comes. NOTE: I am not saying the Rapture is happening or not happening but rather using it as a tool for contemplation and spiritual exploration through thought and art NOTE 2: when I write God I am not sure what I mean...for a long time I thought God was a light, an energy that is present in all. What i am sure of that God is not gendered and is SO big conceptually that there is no one thought that can encompass God. I am glad to say that for a long time I didn't belief in God other than as metaphor. This blog is about contemplating that God could really could be....
(Sketch writings: is the Rapture about hope? look forward? or about despair?
I get bored so quickly how am I going to make it to the Rapture?)
What I am interested in is the question of is the Rapture about humans being more engaged in the present because they have something to look forward to? Or with this looking forward does it give believers a get out of life and earth free card? Is the Rapture something that let's us disengage from the world around us because we are waiting for our spiritual ecstasy...and not finding ecstasy here? also ecstasy is a very violent do we sit in calm for this moment of fracture? is the Rapture a way from us to stop coming together and ripping apart in life?
(Is The Rapture a way out of the repetition of life? Of days passing...)
What is wrong with days passing? what are we running from? Why can't we have God and days?

I am reading Richard Rohr's book Everything Belongs. which is really inspiring. Interestinly enough it uses a lot of language found in post modern art theory. Liminal is one such word. Art and Faith have this in common. "Liminal space induces a type of inner crisis to help us make a needed transition. In brief, it should wake us up a bit." pg. 44 this blog is liminal space for me. I am engaged and working through what I belief in art and in life. It is scary for an artist to talk about God and faith seriously within an art context. I think good art can be made with good faith. With the exploration of God is the belief not only in spirituality but a belief in the world and what art can do for it.

I see the performance I have been doing as prayer. When I dance for four hours, it is a cleansing and an our pouring of joy, this most definitely is prayer. Rohr says prayer is a state of being. That is what I have been exploring in my art. States of being as art and art as a way to pray for a peaceful world.

I don't know if this post is half as the one I lost but I am excited by this exploration.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So what are the juicy parts of The Rapture?

There are a few points about The Rapture i find really interesting:

1) Soul flight

2) Redemption

3) Proving everyone wrong...lots of people think people who believe in The Rapture are what if it really did happen...that would be an amazing moment for those Christians out there.

4) Is this something to look forward to or something to fear?

5) Where does the body fit into this flight?

6) What does it mean to believe? and what does it mean to be good? and why do I think if I am good this God will take me anyway even if I haven't been beleiving whole heartedly?...

Maybe I am the only one out there that things The Rapture and the hype it got and the attention it was given is an amazing phenomenon for the times we are living in. sort of like when that Martian radio show was aired and people that it was real. We are living in a time of great change and fear. Somehow it makes sense people would cling to this idea of an esctatic moment where we all get to leave....if we've been good...